About Airco

AIRCO, the Association of Independent Record Companies, is a non-profit, Section 21 registered company(2006/007204/08), serving as South African national music industry association; pro-actively serving and representing the interests and development of South African independent record labels across South Africa and the world. Our membership comprises of independent record companies, across the full spectrum of music genres, from across South Africa, and ranging from small sole traders to some of the biggest independent operators in the country. AIRCO‘s vision is to have independent record labels (companies) occupying the biggest market share and their music getting greater visibility at national and international platforms with sharp focus on influencing South African cultural policies to provide adequate market access and culture diversity. Making The industry we wanna see.

Airco aims to continue fostering development of the sector for indies by: Identifying and nurturing music talent through capacity building programs, music subsidy, the academic and professional development of music smme’s, practitioners, managers and support practitioners in the value chain.

Our goal is fostering mentorship and coachings as ways of improving the quality of music expression and SMME support entering the music industry value chain, while allowing already exposed labels to inspire emerging ones. We want to create opportunities for the transfer of knowledge and experience through regional and International exchanges.

Building capacity and expertise in the music fraternity, through, entrepreneurial, management, and technical development as well as copyright protection Growing South Africa’s wealth as measured by its great works of music expression.

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